Things could be worse. You could have a nail piercing your bone

The text message came on my phone at about 2 pm. It was from my husband:

“I know someone who is having a worse day than you.”

How did he know II was having a bad day?

Only moments before I was soaking in my own mind about the way things were for me right now in my life. How I didn’t like it.  What was the solution?  Oh woe is me!

I was already berating myself for feeling this way knowing that things were not bad and that I was just having a day. Yet that didn’t seem to do much good. So when I got this photo it was like someone had slapped me in the face.

My step son had a nail gun backfire and the nail pierced into his finger and planted itself securely into the bone.

I snapped out of it then but it made me wonder.

Earlier nothing was working to put me in a good mood. I acknowledged my blessings, I said prayers to loved ones in need. I felt sad for the homeless standing near the freeway. Yet I was still feeling sorry for ME. It made me ashamed all the more.

And although everything worked out fine for my stepson, I learned something real about gratitude.

When something like this happens closer to home,  it was enough for me to pay attention. We hear about others misfortunes all the time. It’s hard to escape. Although there is empathy there is also a distance between us making it not as real for me. I can never know their suffering.

Yes, things could be a lot worse in my life.

This picture serves as a reminder.

Positivity Pigeons

What does it take to be positive?  Or to even remember how important it is to share positive energy?  To be happy.

   Funny how we need to be prompted to do something happy.  March 20 was International Day of Happiness. 

One whole day to happiness.


Positivity Pigeons at Northrop Auditorium. Write a positive message on the pigeon. Give it to someone. Make them smile.

There’s a famous Chinese proverb:

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.
If you want happiness for a month, get married.
If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody else.

I think it’s time to focus.

Spring’s Quiet Shades of Gray

springwalkI took a  few walks today on the first day of Spring. The sun stayed comfortably behind the clouds most of the day peeking out only for a few moments and then jumping back as if it were playing its own game of hide and seek. As if it were happy with waiting.

All around a world of gray.  The Mississippi River, the sky, the sidewalk that I walked on, all gray.

Remnants of winter: the sand  scratching against my shoes as I walk across the beaten streets. The dead brittle wreaths on a neighbor’s door, a snowman flag knocked to the ground.

Too early for the colors of daffodils or tulips along my path. I saw a few gardeners  raking out the old leaves and brush in their yards.   I caught the small details of a bud here and there on trees and a bird’s nest that will soon have eggs. Nothing spectacular yet. But maybe I can sense a soft humming, an overture of what is to come. A promise.  Spring comes as it will, in its own time.  Preparing like a horse at a starting gate before a race. You can’t hold it back for very long.

Ready, set,  GO!