Creative Time



Today I drove myself crazy thinking about all the writing and creative projects I wanted to do. When will there be time? How much time do I really have? I know some projects can go on and on and take a lot of time.

When great ideas come I am so excited. Then that wonderful other half of my mind will tear into me. “There’s not enough time in your life to do it so why bother?” It pulls me out of the clouds and tells me to just forget it. That can send me into a tail spin because then I start to think about the limits of time, energy, and age. I believe it all. And what about my other interests like hiking in the woods, spending time with grandkids, going out to dinner. It makes me frantic. It makes me want to hurry through everything.

Yes, I am doomed to failure. THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH TIME!


Then I remind myself that as long as I choose to spend my time in creative activities and activities I enjoy, I will be fine. There will be time. I have always been creative and I always will. Not one day goes by without writing or creating something.

If a project takes longer or I do not get it done when I think it will get done, I need to remember that it is the actual writing/ creating in the moment that brings me pleasure. The final product is a bonus. Because I will then move on to the next great thing. As long as I am spending those moments doing what I love, I am fine.

I look back and see that I have been living a creative life all along. It’s not what doesn’t get done that matters. It’s about enjoying myself in the moment, creating and discovering my life moment by moment.

As I started to feel better, I serendipitously stumbled across these words of wisdom by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu:

Nature does not hurry
Everything is accomplished


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