Write It For You

T. Mychael Rambo  performing at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis, MN

I just went to see Present, a new one-man musical story of how T. Mychael Rambo has been “present” in his life. It was wonderful. I came away from the show thinking about one particular thing his grandmother used to tell him: “Whenever a relative dies, a library burns.”

Wow!  So true. Everyone of us has a library of stories.

On the last night of my Writing Habit Class, I ask the writers to select a postcard from my quirky postcard collection and write a note encouraging them to keep writing.  I mail the postcards a few weeks later so that the writer gets something positive in the mail.  Hopefully it helps them keep writing. 

Whether you just write for yourself or for publication, it doesn’t matter.  What is important is that you write your stories and the stories that call to you. It’s your story.  You own it.  And no one can tell you how to tell your story. 

Write what’s in your heart and there will be someone who will want to hear it. Thinking about whether it matters or not does not get the writing done. 

No one can take away the fact that you are a writer.  The only one who can do that is you by not writing.  Writing is a verb.

Focus on putting the words to paper so the stories don’t disappear. 

Together, let’s build libraries.

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