Words Matter



It’s the holidays and I look forward to giving and receiving cards from family and friends.

Cards can be expensive too so I appreciate each one. Some are so beautiful and I know I will keep them.  Others are very simple but it is still special to me because I was on someone’s card list.

Some people think that writing out cards is just an added job they have to do during the holidays. A requirement of the season to make SANTA happy or your mother. But writing out a card to someone can be so much more.

I have a writing friend who has a ritual of writing cards to family and friends and those who have touched her life no matter how briefly. She takes time during the whole year not just during the holidays, to put down her thoughts and sends them off in the mail regularly. It makes her feel good and it always makes the recipient happy.

On his 30th birthday I gave my son a card with a copy of a birthday letter I wrote to him when he was 12.  He was surprised and touched by this.  It mattered.

After the holidays many cards will be thrown away. The real purpose is that connection you make with another person.  That brief, quiet moment in time.

So send that simple Hallmark card to someone you love.  Put just one thought in it about how much he/she means to you. They will appreciate it.

It’s the thought that counts.

But so do the words.