Happy April Fool’s Day Mom!


Today is April Fool’s Day. You know the day well if you had a mother like mine who lived for the annual April Fool’s Day joke.
Her practical jokes were often corny but simply meant to be fun. Once– and this is in the old days with dial, land line phones,– she would dial the operator and ask her to call our phone number so it would ring. When she picked it up, she pretended it was my friend, Joy. Then she’d say, “The phones for you Robbi. It’s Joy.”

My 10 year old self walked over to the phone on the kitchen counter and took the receiver from my mother.
“Hello. Hello?”

“APRIL FOOLS!!! I got you! “ Mom said snickering as she looked down at the floor, doing a little dance around the kitchen.

It was only 7 am.

Yes, my mother enjoyed April Fools that much and it probably is one of my favorite memories I have of her.

One memory of one single day. One happy day.

She kept to the strict rules of April Fool’s Day too. No jokes were allowed before or after the day.
And she recited to me more than once when I tried to play practical jokes on her on other days:
“April Fools coming you’re the biggest fool a running.”         Or
“April Fool’s past. You’re the biggest fool at last.”

On other days, she treated me to a new “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke.

And she was prepared with a different answer each time she asked it. I never had the right answer.

But that’s another story or joke.